Why is advocacy important?

Your voice is powerful. Two minutes of your time helps advocate for fair community services for our clients, for livable wages for our employees. Meanwhile our caregivers are underpaid, on average 17% less, compared to jobs with similar sets of duties. While organizations are fighting to keep and attract enough staff, nurses, IT professionals—and competing with retail chains’ starting wages at over $20 an hour—we must be vibrant and make our voices louder if we are to continue providing our valuable services!

Legislative Advocacy

Reach out to legislators—state and federal—both to share stories about why MORA services are important or encourage lawmakers to sign and support legislation supporting people with disabilities, mental health issues and seniors. We need your advocacy.

Easy messages to send to Legislators

Community Advocacy

Speak up to plan inclusive community, faith, school and neighborhood events and for spaces to be accessible for all abilities.

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What else can you do? Speak up in your neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces to make sure everyone can be welcome in spaces and included in events.

“I cannot imagine my daughter’s life if we had not found MORA. She not only found a stable place to live but a real caring home and loving people to come home to.”

– John and Cindy, parents

Become a sustaining donor and provide vital services in your community

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